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How to group Radio buttons together

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Details about the creation of a Radio button can be found inside the How to change the button style section.

Radio buttons are used to allow the user to choose from a set of mutually exclusive options. When the user chooses one member of a radio button set, all of the other buttons must react to that choice accordingly. So it is important to define where a group of radio buttons begins and where it ends.

This control can create two different kinds of Radio buttons (also known as Option buttons)

Graphical Radio button
Enhanced Standard Radio button

Usually Radio buttons can be grouped together by creating them inside a container control, for example a frame or picture control (note that 3D Active Button Magic also, starting from its version 8, can act as a control container); if you want to have different groups of Radio buttons, not contained inside a control container, you can delimit each group through the OptionGroupDelimiter property which must be set to TRUE for every button that delimits a group. Details about how to setup this property value at Design-time can be found inside the "Other useful settings" section.