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Active DJ Studio
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Although Active DJ Studio doesn't have a visible user interface, in this page you will find some screenshot taken from our demo and samples programs

The following is the first dialog that will appear allowing to choose the audio output device, the set of speakers and some other initial parameter.

The following is the main application dialog: all its features are under the control of Active DJ Studio. The bigger waveform is a scolling one and can be managed through mouse interaction for fine positioning. All of the visible frames and buttons are rendered through our 3D Active Button Magic ActiveX control.

Every player can control its own equalizer.

The embedded Automatic Fader can be of help in many situations: note that the graphic visualization of the fader settings below is performed directly by our control.

Below a couple of screenshots, taken from the TracksBoard sample, displaying an editing session where several audio items are being used to visually composing a new sound file, with the possibility to drag and drop each item through the mouse, to add and move volume points to specific positions and to define custom volume curves for connecting these points:

Below a couple of screenshots, taken from the SpectrumEnhanced sample, displaying the embedded enhanced Spectrum Analyzer in both the FFT and the TFFT (spectral view) representations of a song being played.

Below a screenshot of the TagReader sample which displays relevant tag information stored inside a sound file.

. Below a screenshot of the InternetRadio sample

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