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3D Active Button Magic

   Patches and Upgrades

Current version is
Fixed builds can be obtained contacting our Technical support.

Corrected Bugs

  • The Visual Basic.NET wrapper contains an error that causes problems when passing strings as parameters.
  • The abmSetSoundDown and abmSetSoundUp functions don't work correctly.
  • Loading a button template through the abmSetTemplate function generates an unexpected error.
  • The abmGetTextSettingsOnPos generates a random exception.
  • Changing the mask of a custom shaped button at run-time will not cause the button to be shaped correctly.
  • Memory leak when loading pictures from files at run-time.
  • Trying to load a nonexistent .ICO file will cause a GPF.
  • Templates will not support correctly the spotlight settings and the UseAntialias property.
  • Memory leaks when using GIF animations.
  • Templates will not support correctly the caption alignment and the PictureDisabled property.
  • The MovePictureOnPress property doesn't have any effect with Checkboxes and Radio buttons
  • abmGetPictureVisible and abmSetPictureVisible functions don't work as expected.
  • Changing the HighlightColor property has no effect.
  • A textured button doesn't support the mixing between the given texture and a defined color .
  • Pressing the button surface and releasing the mouse button outside the button area will cause a missing refresh of the surface color.
  • Setting a flat surface into a textured button will cause the button to be surrounded by a white border.
  • The abmExportBtnImage function doesn't work correctly and creates a black picture.

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