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How to create AMZ compressed files for use over the Internet

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Apart from PNG, GIF and JPG formats used for Pictures properties, all the other formats (BMP, AVI and WAV) are uncompressed. This can mean slow downloads for web pages that make heavy use of these formats.

To address this issue, we have developed a general purpose proprietary compressed format called AMZ: from our benchmarks we have seen that an AVI animation, taken from a GIF animation, once compressed in AMZ format will result smaller in Kbytes size than the original GIF animation, without losing in quality.

Use our AMZ Converter to convert BMP, AVI or WAV files to an AMZ format. This utility is located in the same installation directory of the control (default C:\Program files\MultiMedia Soft\3D Active Button Magic\) and its file name is AMZCONV.EXE

All you have to do is:

1. Enter a Source file name (BMP, AVI or WAV)

2. Enter a Destination file name (AMZ)

3. Press the Start Conversion button.