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Author Topic: Version 10.1 of our audio DJ Studio components has been released  (Read 652 times)


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we would like to inform you about the availability of a new minor version for both the ActiveX and .NET versions of our components:

Active DJ Studio 10.1
Audio DJ Studio for .NET 10.1
Audio DJ Studio API for .NET 10.1

  New features
   - Added the possibility to set the index of the next playlist's item to be executed
   - Added the possibility to apply current audio settings of a player to an editing session of the Active Sound Editor component
   - Added the possibility to modify settings of the proxy server
   - Added support for composing on one single player multi-channel audio streams through the mixing of several audio files and speech texts
   - Added the possibility to retrieve the index of the playlist's item currently being executed
   - Added the possibility to retrieve, before starting or during playback, the table containing the execution order of shuffled playlist's items


Active DJ Studio 10.0
Audio DJ Studio for .NET 10.0
Audio DJ Studio API for .NET 10.0

  New features
   - Added support for streaming in AAC+ (HE-AAC) format when acting as a source for ShoutCAST and IceCast servers through the external encoder FdkAac.exe
   - Added support for playing sound while manually scrolling through the mouse the waveform scroller
   - Added support for retrieving contents of the "PRIV" frame from ID3V2 tags
   - Custom stream mixers can now be created as multi-channel (up to 8 channels) and players can be attached on specific speakers of the mixer
   - Custom stream mixers can now support "surround mode", meaning that a stereo or mono audio stream can be mirrored on all of the output channels of the stream mixer
   - Added support for playback of Internet streams in HLS format (HTTP Live Streaming)
   - Peaks displayed on the waveform visual feedback during playback are now reported to the container application through a dedicated event
   - Added support for retrieving, during playback, peak levels and RMS (Root Mean Square) levels for mono, stereo and multi-channel audio streams
   - Delayed playbacks can be now set through a specific date and time and not only through a delay
   - Added the possibility to retrieve the buffer containing waveform's peaks from the waveform analyzer
   - Added the possibility to stop the fader object