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Author Topic: Version 7.0 of our audio editing components released  (Read 376 times)


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Version 7.0 of our audio editing components released
« on: November 08, 2017, 03:11:52 PM »


we would like to inform you about the availability of a new major version for both the ActiveX and .NET versions of the components:


Active Sound Editor 7.0
Audio Sound Editor for .NET 7.0
Audio Sound Editor API for .NET 7.0

  New features
   - Added support for playing sound while manually scrolling through the mouse the waveform scroller
   - Added support for editing contents of the "PRIV" frame from ID3V2 tags
   - Added support for exporting in AAC+ format through the external encoder FdkAac.exe
   - New options for the waveform analyzer
      - the waveform can now display detected peaks based upon absolute values
      - more control over the format of the time string displayed on time rulers
      - optional automatic vertical zoom for waveforms with low volume level
   - Added the possibility to detect and enumerate, within the loaded sound file, tracks separated by a given amount of silence
   - Added the possibility to retrieve from the waveform analyzer the buffer containing waveform's peaks
   - Added support for retrieving, during playback, peak levels and RMS (Root Mean Square) levels for mono, stereo and multi-channel audio streams