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Messages - Antonio Tomas

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Yes you are right. Thanks for your prompt reply. Excellent support.

I installed 1st the trial version, and once I finished my project working fine on my devel machine, decided to buy a license. I uninstalled the trial version, and installed the licensed one. Now my project works fine on my devel machine, however when I try to run in another system, Windows 10 Pro 64 bits the following files:

05/08/2018  15:35         9.346.560 AdjMmsEng.dll
01/08/2018  12:07         1.039.360 AudioDjStudioF4.dll
01/08/2018  12:07         1.244.806 AudioDjStudioF4.xml
26/08/2018  16:16            36.352 Ecualizador.exe
26/08/2018  16:16            52.736 Ecualizador.pdb

Ecualizador.exe does not run. I have to install adjstudnet_t.exe to have it running OK in the new system.
Any clue of what is happenning ?
Thanks in advance

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