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Audio Sound Editor for .NET

   Patches and Upgrades

Assembly version (AudioSoundEditor.dll) (April 2, 2018)
Multimedia engine version (AdjMmsEng.dll and AdjMmsEng64.dll) (August 16, 2020)


Full product history available inside the online documentation.

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs (since version 7.0)

  • The enumSoundEditCommands enumerated type misses declaration for documented values SOUND_EDIT_CMD_APPLY_PLAYER_SETTINGS and
  • The SoundPlaybackDone event is not generated
  • When the Effects.NormalizationSimpleApply method is applied to a sound range, the final position of the range is ignored
  • The Dynamic amplifier effect applied through the Effects.DynamicAmplifierApply method doesn't work correctly.
  • The Effects.EqualizerLoad method fails to load equalizer bands previously saved into a file without reporting any error
  • Under certain circumstances, when launching the container application a message box reporting "### Internal error, cannot load engine Number x due to error 193" is displayed
  • The VST.ProgramParamSetValue method (Effects.VstProgramParamSetValue per l'editor) has no effect on the user interface of the VST effect.
  • Management of CART, BEXT and LIST chunks inside very huge WAV files may generate unexpected exceptions.
  • When the Effects.CustomDspUseFloatSamples method is invoked, the waveform analyzer will display a wrong waveform.
  • Retrieval of CD cover pictures doesn't work.
  • When the SoundComposer is used on a machine without sound cards installed, the resulting sound composition may contain noise only.
  • When playback of the loaded sound is paused, an eventual selection on the waveform analyzer cannot be modified through the mouse.
  • When exporting multi-channel audio in Ogg Vorbis format, channels mapping could be wrong.
  • When generating a wave (sine, square, etc.) the corresponding waveform may be not displayed correctly.
  • The Effects.VolumeAutomationLevelApply method may cause a GPF when the automation is applied to the initial portion only of a very big sound sound file.

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