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Audio Sound Editor for .NET

   Patches and Upgrades

Assembly version (AudioSoundEditor.dll) (July 7 , 2009)
Multimedia engine version (AdjMmsEng.dll) (January 5 , 2010)

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs (since version 1.0)

  • Closing the container application during a playback of an editing session stored in memory can cause a GPF.
  • A move of the waveform analyzer could cause the missing rendering of the vertical line indicating the playback position.
  • Calling the WaveformAnalyzer.Create method twice could cause a bad behaviour of the analyzer instead of returning an error.
  • WaveformAnalyzer.CreateFileBitmapView and WaveformAnalyzer.CreateMemoryBitmapView methods will not keep count of colors set through the colorWaveLine and colorWaveBackground members of the WAVEFORM_ANALYZER_SETTINGS class.
  • Occasionally a mouse click over the waveform analyzer surface can generate a GPF.
  • After having set a range to load, through the SetLoadingRange method, and having loaded a sound file, the reported duration is the one of the overall sound file.
  • Setting the bAppearance3d member of the WAVEFORM_ANALYZER_SETTINGS class to "false" will cause the resizing handles of the waveform analyzer to be rendered without the usual black border.
  • Passing an invalid set of parameters to the WMA encoder will cause the encoder to return a ERR_CD_IDENTIF_UNAVAIL error code instead of a ERR_ENCODER_ERROR error code.
  • A fast resize of the waveform analyzer containing custom vertical lines could cause the mentioned lines to be displayed at wrong positions.
  • An exporting session performed using a 8 bits per sample format could create a damaged output file whose dimension in bytes is double respect to the expected one.
  • If the control has not been initialized through the InitEditor method, closing the container form can cause a GPF.
  • An editing session performed on a file cannot be exported into the same destination file.
  • Lame versions higher than 3.96.1 generate distorted MP3 files.
  • The waveform analysis can generate a GPF when started during the merging of two editing sessions.
  • After a full playback of the editing session, modifications introduced by a copy & paste operation will not be reported by a new waveform analysis.
  • Applying a volume effect expressed in dB will cause a wrong resulting volume.
  • With certain files the playback advancement never reaches the real end so the SoundPlaybackDone event is not fired.
  • The nWidth parameter of the WaveformAnalyzer.VerticalLineAdd method is ignored.
  • If the control is instanced inside a secondary form, it will not work correctly starting from the second time the form is opened.
  • If the resolution of the current editing session is 8 bits per sample and a file at 16 bits per sample is inserted, mixed, overwritten or appended, the resulting sound will be distorted.
  • Editing operations on sessions at 8 bits per sample will cause a distortion of the resulting sound.
  • Under x64 version of Windows, the GetSoundDuration method returns a wrong value after the insertion, mixing, overwriting or append of a new file.
  • In presence of a faulty sound card or of a faulty sound card driver the initialization of the component could fail and the container application could hang at startup.
  • Files in G723 format generated by the Vivo codec are not always opened correctly.
  • When exporting a file the SoundExportPerc event is not generated correctly.
  • When a file in G723 format is loaded and your request to play a range within the loaded sound, the vertical line of the waveform analyzer indicating the current playback position will be displayed at the wrong position..
  • The background bitmap set into the waveform analyzer is lost when the loaded sound is discarded from memory.
  • If the container application is started without any disk inside available CD drives and then a CD is inserted inside one of the CD drives, Windows Explorer will not have the possibility to access it.
  • When the PlaySoundRange method is called, a SoundPlaybackStopped event is raised in error.
  • If a CD track is loaded from a CD drive different from the first one listed by the system, the CD tracks is anyway loaded from the first one.
  • A regression inserted inside version of AdjMmsEng.dll caused the control to miss generating the SoundPlaybackStopped event after a call to the StopSound method.
  • During intensive graphical operations, the position selection on the waveform analyzer could disappear or not being displayed at all.
  • If the control is instanced on a secondary form and custom lines are added to the waveform analyzer of the editor/recorder itself, when the form is closed and opened again custom lines creation will return an error stating that the custom line alredy exists.
  • After seeking the playback position through the SeekSound, using a percentage-based position, the GetPlaybackPosition returns -1.
  • There are positioning problems when trying to seek during a playback of a range.


Full product history available inside the online documentation.


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