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Appendix D - TwoLame encoder command line

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TwoLame encoder, used during the development of this product, is available for download from the following link.

TwoLame encoder latest build, with full source code, is available for download from its owner's website


Below you can find the full list of command line's options for TwoLame version 0.3.12b:


TwoLAME version TwoLame 0.3.12b (

MPEG Audio Layer II (MP2) encoder


 twolame [options] <infile> [outfile]


Both input and output filenames can be set to - to use stdin/stdout.

 <infile>       input sound file (any format supported by libsndfile)

 <outfile>      output bit stream of encoded audio


Input Options

 -r, --raw-input          input is raw signed PCM audio

 -x, --byte-swap          force byte-swapping of input

 -s, --samplerate srate   sampling frequency of raw input (Hz)

     --samplesize bits    size of raw input samples in bits (default 16-bit)

     --samplefloat        32-bit float raw input

 -N, --channels nch       number of channels in raw input

 -g, --swap-channels      swap channels of input file

     --scale value        scale input (multiply PCM data)

     --scale-l value      scale channel 0 (left) input

     --scale-r value      scale channel 1 (right) input


Output Options

 -m, --mode mode          (s)tereo, (j)oint, (d)ual, (m)ono or (a)uto

 -a, --downmix            downmix from stereo to mono file for mono encoding

 -b, --bitrate br         total bitrate in kbps (default 192 for 44.1kHz)

 -P, --psyc-mode psyc     psychoacoustic model -1 to 4 (default 3)

 -v, --vbr                enable VBR mode

 -V, --vbr-level lev      enable VBR and set VBR level -50 to 50 (default 5)

 -B, --max-bitrate rate   set the upper bitrate when in VBR mode

 -l, --ath lev            ATH level (default 0.0)

 -q, --quick num          only calculate psy model every num frames

 -S, --single-frame       only encode a single frame of MPEG Audio


Miscellaneous Options

 -c, --copyright          mark as copyright

 -o, --non-original       mark as non-original

     --original           mark as original (default)

 -p, --protect            enable CRC error protection

 -d, --padding            force padding bit/frame on

 -R, --reserve-bits num   set number of reserved bits in each frame

 -e, --deemphasis emp     de-emphasis n/5/c (default: (n)one)

 -E, --energy             turn on energy level extensions


Verbosity Options

 -t, --talkativity num    talkativity 0-10 (default is 2)

     --quiet              same as --talkativity=0

     --brief              same as --talkativity=1

     --verbose            same as --talkativity=4



Allowable bitrates for 32, 44.1 and 48kHz sample input (MPEG-1)

 32,  48,  56,  64,  80,  96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320, 384


Allowable bitrates for 16, 22.05 and 24kHz sample input (MPEG-2)

  8,  16,  24,  32,  40,  48,  56,  64,  80,  96, 112, 128, 144, 160