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Sound Editor

   Patches and Upgrades

ActiveX version (asoedmms.ocx and asoedmms64.dll) (March 19, 2018)
Multimedia engine version (AdjMmsEng.dll and AdjMmsEng64.dll) (October 21 , 2020)


Full product history available inside the online documentation.

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs (since version 7.0)

  • The SoundPlaybackDone event is not generated
  • When the Effects.NormalizationSimpleApply method is applied to a sound range, the final position of the range is ignored
  • The Dynamic amplifier effect applied through the Effects.DynamicAmplifierApply method doesn't work correctly.
  • The Effects.EqualizerLoad method fails to load equalizer bands previously saved into a file without reporting any error
  • Under certain circumstances, when launching the container application a message box reporting "### Internal error, cannot load engine Number x due to error 193" is displayed
  • The VST.ProgramParamSetValue method (Effects.VstProgramParamSetValue per l'editor) has no effect on the user interface of the VST effect.
  • Management of CART, BEXT and LIST chunks inside very huge WAV files may generate unexpected exceptions.
  • When this ActiveX control is instanced on a secondary form and that form is closed, other audio controls instanced on the main form may stop working as expected and visual feedbacks may freeze.
  • When the Effects.CustomDspUseFloatSamples method is invoked, the waveform analyzer will display a wrong waveform.
  • Retrieval of CD cover pictures doesn't work.
  • When the SoundComposer is used on a machine without sound cards installed, the resulting sound composition may contain noise only.
  • When playback of the loaded sound is paused, an eventual selection on the waveform analyzer cannot be modified through the mouse.
  • When exporting multi-channel audio in Ogg Vorbis format, channels mapping could be wrong.
  • When generating a wave (sine, square, etc.) the corresponding waveform may be not displayed correctly.
  • The Effects.VolumeAutomationLevelApply method may cause a GPF when the automation is applied to the initial portion only of a very big sound sound file.
  • The waveform scroller doesn't display the waveform correctly when no sound card is installed inside the system.
  • The waveform analyzer doesn't display the waveform correctly due to a regression inside the code.





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