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How to manage Unicode characters in filenames and tags

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All of our ActiveX controls support loading/saving files whose filename contains Unicode characters. Sound files with tags having fields containing Unicode characters are managed as well.


If you are a Visual Basic 6 developer, you certainly know that VB6 is built internally with Unicode support but all of its custom controls are only ANSI compliant, meaning that you will get a series of "???" when inserting Unicode characters inside a label control or inside a textbox. If your application needs to display Unicode characters on user interface elements, the unique alternative is using the "Microsoft Forms 2.0" (FM20.DLL) ActiveX control which comes with a set of Unicode compliant controls.


As a second VB6 issue, the "Microsoft Common Dialog Control" (ComDlg32.ocx), used to display common dialogs for open and save operations on files, is not Unicode compliant as well and Microsoft didn't give any alternative ActiveX control for this purpose; for this reason we have added to our control a set of methods which allows selecting files containing Unicode characters:


CommonDialogShowOpen allows browsing a file to open
CommonDialogGetInfoFromLastOpen allows obtaining details about the filename chosen for opening through a previous call to the CommonDialogShowOpen method
CommonDialogShowSave allows browsing a file to save
CommonDialogGetInfoFromLastSave allows obtaining details about the filename chosen for saving through a previous call to the CommonDialogShowSave method



In order to correctly manage Unicode characters with languages like Visual C++, you must compile the container application specifically for Unicode.