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BassPluginStreamCreateFunc method

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Imports a specific function for creating a playback stream of type HSTREAM from a BASS plugin implementing the decoding of an audio format not already covered by the multimedia engine.


Audio formats not included inside the multimedia engine but implemented inside existing BASS plugins are the following:


OptimFrog through the Bass_OFR.dll plugin
TTA through the Bass_TTA.dll plugin
ADX through the Bass_ADX.dll plugin
AIX through the Bass_AIX.dll plugin


Other formats may be added in the future. Check the website for downloading the mentioned plugins or for checking the availability of new ones.


For further details about accessing BASS and its plugins directly from your code you can refer to the tutorial How to access BASS library functionalities directly.





[Visual Basic]

control.BassPluginStreamCreateFunc (

strPluginPathname as String,

strFuncName as String,

nType as enumBassPluginStreamCreateFuncs

) as enumErrorCodes



short control.BassPluginStreamCreateFunc (

BSTR strPluginPathname,

BSTR strFuncName,

short nType









String containing the absolute or relative pathname of the BASS plugin. For example "Bass_AIX.dll".

If the string specifies a full path, the function searches only that path for the module.

If the string specifies a relative path or a module name without a path, the function uses the standard search strategy adopted by the LoadLibraryEx Windows API to find the module.


String containing the exact name of the function to import. For example "BASS_AIX_StreamCreateFile" or "BASS_AIX_StreamCreateURL".


Type of function.

Supported values are the following:

Mnemonic constant





Function for creating a playback stream from a sound file.


This function is usually exported by the plugin with the name BASS_xxx_StreamCreateFile where "xxx" indicates the managed audio format, for example BASS_AIX_StreamCreateFile or BASS_TTA_StreamCreateFile; the exported function must use the following C syntax:


HSTREAM BASS_xxx_StreamCreateFile (

   BOOL mem,

   const void *file,

   QWORD offset,

   QWORD length,

   DWORD flags



See the BASS documentation for details about the parameters in use.



Return value






Negative value

An error occurred (see the LastError property for further error details)

enumErrorCodes.ERR_NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful.