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Active MP3 DJ Studio

   Patches and Upgrades

Current version is
Fixed builds can be obtained contacting our Technical support.

New features

  • Need less dependencies from other DLLs

Fixed Bugs

  • The sound duration is in some case lost.
  • Playing a file loaded with the LoadSoundFast method will result in a cut of the last second.
  • The Spectrum and the VU Meter don't calculate exactly the vertical size of their vertical representation.
  • Sometime the VU Meter does not display the right channel.
  • The PlaySoundFromTo method does not work correctly with ScaleUnits different from milliseconds.
  • When the control is used with Delphi, it will not generate any kind of events.
  • The SoundLoaded event is not generated correctly with multiplayer playlists.
  • Resuming a paused song will cause the song to be restarted.
  • A GPF is generated after playing a playlist containing one single song.
  • The StopSound method doesn't reset correctly a playlist
  • The SoundDone event is sometime generated uncorrectly
  • The shuffle mode always generates the same combination
  • Calling the GetCurrentPercentage on a stopped player will cause a GPF

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