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Fader.CheckItemsDurationOnStart property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property CheckItemsDurationOnStart As Boolean



public bool CheckItemsDurationOnStart {get; set;}



public: __property bool get_CheckItemsDurationOnStart();

public: __property void set_FadeInEnabled(bool);




Boolean value that determines the need to check if the playlist contains at least two songs longer than the total mixing time.


When the fader is started through a call to the Fader.StartManualFading method, by default the multimedia engine will check the availability of at least two songs or video clips having a duration longer than the total mixing time: without this availability the multimedia engine will return error ERR_CANNOT_FADE_SMALL_SONGS (-45).


When dealing with playlists without information about the duration of each song and/or video clip (feature available only when dealing with PLS and PDJ playlist formats) you can disable this check by setting the property to "False" so the manual fade will in any case occur. In any case, be very careful in setting this property to "True" until you are not manually checking that the duration of added songs and/or video clips is compatible with the total mixing time because the fader may miss the next fade if the end of the song and/or video clip is reached before the predisposed mixing point.



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