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EnableMixingFeatures property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property EnableMixingFeatures As Boolean



public bool EnableMixingFeatures {get; set;}



public: __property bool get_EnableMixingFeatures();

public: __property void set_EnableMixingFeatures(bool);




Boolean value that enables/disables applying mixing related settings to loaded sounds.

Supported values are the following:




Mixing related settings are disabled allowing a faster loading of the sound. In this situation it won't be possible calling the following methods and features: Effects.PlaybackTempoSet, Effects.PlaybackRateSet and Effects.PlaybackPitchSet, BPM detection, beats position detection, equalizers, DMO effects, EAX effects, VST effects, custom DSP effects and silence detection will be unavailable also.

true (default)

Mixing related settings are enabled