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Audio DJ Studio for .NET

   Patches and Upgrades

Assembly version (AudioDjStudio.dll) (October 7, 2016)
Multimedia engine version (AdjMmsEng.dll and AdjMmsEng64.dll) (October 7, 2016)


Full product history is available inside the online documentation.

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs (since version 9.0)

  • The Spectrum.Create method fails when invoked with parameter IntPtr.Zero
  • Most of the methods of the TagsReader object, returning a string of text, limit the length of the string to 1024 characters.
  • The TagsReader.WAV_DisplayChunkTextGet method is not exposed by the TagsReader object.
  • The loading of WAV files compressed with the icmv.acm codec may cause the component to crash.
  • When resizing the waveform scroller an unwanted change on the current playback position may happen.
  • MP4 files containing a MPEG-Layer3 audio stream may fail to load (without using the VideoPlayer.Load method).

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