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Audio DJ Studio for .NET

   Patches and Upgrades

Assembly version (AudioDjStudio.dll) (December 6, 2020)
Multimedia engine version (AdjMmsEng.dll and AdjMmsEng64.dll) (December 6, 2020)


Full product history is available inside the online documentation.

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs (since version 10.0)

  • The SoundDone event is not generated
  • The call to the StreamVolumeSlide method is ignored when performed immediately after a call to the PlaySound method
  • The call to the SeekSound method is ignored when performed immediately after a call to the LoadSound method
  • Playlists loaded with the PLAYLIST_AUTOMATION_MODE attribute may fail to work as expected
  • When a player is attached to a stream mixer, the GetPlayerStatus method may return SOUND_PLAYING also when the player is in paused status
  • When the GetPlayerStatus is invoked immediately after the LoadSoundFast method, the returned status could be SOUND_NONE instead of SOUND_STOPPED
  • Volume changes have no effect on the audio stream created by the sound composer object
  • The PlayListAddItem method fails to load an automation item containing XML code when the XML text begins with blank characters
  • Under certain circumstances, when launching the container application a message box reporting "### Internal error, cannot load engine Number x due to error 193" is displayed
  • Some WAV file encoded in proprietary formats could not be recognized correctly
  • The VST.ProgramParamSetValue method (Effects.VstProgramParamSetValue per l'editor) has no effect on the user interface of the VST effect.
  • Detecting the final silence position through the SilenceDetectionOnPlayer and SilenceDetectionOnFile methods may return a wrong value with certain WMA files.
  • Trigger events are not fired while playing a video clip that doesn't contain an audio stream inside
  • When a player is playing an audio track loaded from a session of the editor or recorder components, an exception may be raised when closing the container application without a previous stop of the playback session.
  • When a player is attached to a mono stream mixer, loading a stereo file will fail with return code ERR_CANNOT_ADD_PLAYER_TO_MIXER (-122)
  • When the RequestSoundExportToWav is invoked with a specified range of sound to export, the exported WAV file may result larger than the expected one
  • When a volume automation created through a PDJ playlist file is running, the component could fail firing the FadeInCompleted event.
  • During a manual fading through the Fader.StartManualFading method, fading events may be raised twice.
  • During playback of a video clip having triggers set, when seeking from paused state and then resuming, all the triggers before the current playing position when the pause command is invoked are trigged again.
  • When the StreamVolumeSmoothingSet is applied to a player, the FadeInStarted and FadeOutStarted events may be raised twice.
  • When the SeekSound method brings the current playback position beyond an existing trigger or cue point, the related event is immediately fired instead of being ignored.
  • Calls to the VideoPlayer.OSDItemTextAdd, VideoPlayer.OSDItemTextChange, VideoPlayer.OSDItemOutlineTextAdd and VideoPlayer.OSDItemOutlineTextChange methods may generate an exception when the container application is compiled specifically for x64 or for "Any CPU" and run inside a x64 version of Windows.
  • The StreaMixerCreate function may generate an exception fault when the audio driver of the selected output device is not supported.
  • When a PDJ file containing the "NormalPlaylist" tag is loaded with attribute PLAYLIST_AUTOMATION_MODE, contained files will be loaded twice.
  • After the PeakDetectionOnFile method has been invoked on a file returning 1.0 as highest peak, next calls to the method will always return the same value 1.0.
  • When dealing with playlists loaded with attribute PLAYLIST_FULL_MODE, the control could miss firing the FadeInStarted and FadeOutStarted events.
  • When the CustomDSP.UseFloatSamples method is invoked, the waveform analyzer will display a wrong waveform.
  • Retrieval of CD cover pictures doesn't work.
  • When disconnecting a WASAPI device from the PC, other installed WASAPI devices could stop playing and a restart of the application would be required to make them able to play again.
  • Playlists containing UTF-8 characters in pathnames and/or "title" fields are not saved correctly.
  • Video mixer and video overlay don't display Unicode characters.
  • An exception may occur when the SilenceDetectionOnPlayerLoadAutoSet method is invoked immediately after calling the LoadSound method.
  • On Windows 10 playback of the video stream may result in a blank screen.
  • FreeDb servers have been shut-down and are no more available for retrieving titles of CD tracks: these servers have been replaced by others still up and running provided by third-parties.
  • The waveform scroller doesn't display the waveform correctly when no sound card is installed inside the system.
  • The waveform analyzer doesn't display the waveform correctly due to a regression inside the code.
  • The container application could crash when a WASAPI device is disconnected.
  • When MPX management is enabled through the Effects.MPXEnable method, the sound stream of video clips could be muted or could contain noise only.
  • The StreamVolumeLevelSet method doesn't work with players attached to a WASAPI capture device through the WASAPI.AttachInputDeviceToPlayer method.

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