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Audio DJ Studio for .NET

   Patches and Upgrades

Current version is (May 30, 2006)
Fixed builds can be obtained by contacting our Technical support.

Fixed Bugs

  • Using an oscilloscope larger than 512 pixels will cause an exception
  • The oscilloscope doesn't work correctly with 8 bits samples
  • The LoadSoundFromMemory method will always load songs into the first player.
  • At design-time tooltips are not displayed correctly
  • The GetCdIdentification method, used in conjunction with the CD_IDENTIF_TEXT parameter in order to get the CD-Text contained inside an Audio CD, will return only the first string.
  • Requesting the BPM to a song playing the latest 30 seconds could cause a GPF
  • The enumPlayListFormats enumerated type, used by the PlayListSave, is not accessible
  • Members of the SoundInfo class are not accessible
  • The busy state of the CD player during a CD playback session is not managed correctly.
  • The BPM for WMA files loaded from memory is not calculated.
  • Calling the LoadSound method immediately followed by a call to the PlaySound method, while another song is very near to finish its current playback, can cause a premature stop of the new playback.
  • Calling the LoadSound method on several different files without waiting for the SoundLoaded event, for example inside a loop, can cause a GPF.
  • After calling the Fader.Exit method, a new Fader.Init call will fail returning an ERR_GENERIC error.
  • A memory leak is generated when trying to load invalid or unsupported sound files.
  • The latency time of the available output devices is not calculated correctly.
  • Trying to change the width of the spectrum bands will have no visible effect.
  • Changing the Fader.FadeInDelayFromMixStart property will cause a wrong delay on the fade-in seek position.
  • The use of the fader will cause small memory leaks


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