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3D Active Button Magic

   Patches and Upgrades

Current version is (August 10, 2015)

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs (since version 3.0)

  • Progress bar remains "not-clickable" also after setting the Clickable property to True
  • After a control has been disposed, eventual modifications to the object's properties may generate an exception
  • Setting the BackColor property to values like RGB (0, 0, 0) o RGB (0, 0, 1) may cause the color to be blue instead of black
  • Cell transparency is not managed correctly
  • The granularity of the progress bar is not good when the range is higher than 100
  • Sometime a "System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException" exception is generated on a abmReloadControlSettings call
  • The lfFacename field of the Ctl3DWrapper.LOGFONT structure returned by a call to CellsManager.CellGetLogFont will only contain the first character of the current typeface
  • The halo effect of text is not well centered under the text
  • If the button cache is disabled through the EnableButtonCache method after some 3D control has already been rendered, when these 3D controls will be rendered again, for example after closing an reopening the container form, a GPF could be generated
  • An exception could be occasionally generated when calling the BoxedSettingsApply method.
  • The rotation of a cell's text could cause other texts being rotated
  • When the surface property is set to Aero and the orientation property is set to a value different from Orientations.All, some of the corners could result black
  • If a control's property is accessed after the control has already been disposed, an ObjectDisposedException exception could be raised
  • With certain types of surfaces, an unwanted black border is drawn around the button.
  • The character '&' is not managed correctly on caption's text when the text is set to "Double space".
  • When the container Form or UserControl has an image set into the BackgroundImage property, an exception may be raised if the 3D control should be added to the container before the Size property of the container itself has been effectively set.
  • The BoxedSettingsGenerate and BoxedSettingsApply methods are not accessible.
  • The BoxedSettingsApply method requires the bbsSettings parameter to be passed by reference.
  • In Visual Studio 2010, at design-time, adding a component instance to the container form may cause the IDE to crash.
  • Starting from version 3.1 of the component, the Cltl3dGroupBox, Cltl3dPanel and Cltl3dPictureBox controls don't behave like control containers.
  • When the HollowFrame property is set to "true", the Cltl3dGroupBox control may sometime miss to render the same color of the container form inside its internal area.
  • The LightDirection property may sometime be ignored resulting in the spotlight being positioned in the wrong place.
  • When the Ctl3dCheckbox and the Ctl3dRadioButton components have the Surface property set to SURFACE_VISTA_AERO, SURFACE_OFFICE_2003 or SURFACE_OFFICE_2007 the "Checked" status is not rendered correctly.
  • Setting a font from code or from the Visual Studio IDE may cause the used font to miss the correct typeface.
  • In certain situations an exception may be raised when loading a button having a picture in PNG format.
  • A GPF may be generated when using cells inside the button.
  • The call to the CellsManager.get_Text method returns only the first character of the string.
  • In certain situations 3D controls stored inside other control containers may be displayed with their properties reset and may appear dark grey.
  • An error message could be generated when loading a form containing 3D buttons having a PNG picture.
  • The SetTemplateBinDir method doesn't work as expected.
  • When the Surface property is set to SURFACE_OFFICE_2003 or SURFACE_OFFICE_2007 and the SurfaceTransparentFactor property is set to a value different from 0, an eventual shadow is lost at runtime.
  • Loading a JPG or PNG picture from an Internet URL through the SetPictureFromNet method doesn't work.
  • A GDI leak is generated when the container form has a background image or when the SetPictureFromBitmap method is invoked.
  • On x64 systems, applications compiled for "Any CPU" may cause unexpected exceptions.
  • If one of the texts or surface colors of the component should be modified while the container form is being disposed, an exception of type System.ObjectDisposedException may be raised.
  • Visual Studio may generate an exception if a button is positioned outside of the visible area of a container component having a background image.
  • When a button is instanced on the container form at design-time, the default caption font should be "Arial, 8" but when the button is loaded into the visual editor its height goes automatically from 8 to 14.


Full product history available inside the online documentation.


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