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3D Button API - Help 
Table of contents 
Copyright information 
Files to be included with your application 
License agreement 
How to contact MultiMedia Soft 
MultiMedia Soft technical support 
Product history 
Deprecated elements 
How to use the SDK in your projects 
How to speed up buttons rendering 
Using the SDK in Visual C++ 6.0 (C without MFC) 
Using the SDK in Visual C++ 6.0 (C++ without MFC) 
Using the SDK in Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual C++ .NET (with MFC) 
Using the SDK in Visual Basic 6.0 
Using the SDK in Visual Basic.NET 
Using the SDK in Visual C#.NET 
How to manage button templates 
How to change the button shape 
How to create a custom shaped button 
How to customize the 3D rendering of custom shaped buttons 
How to change the button colors 
How to manage colors of Vista's Aero style 
How to manage colors of Office 2003 style 
How to manage colors of Office 2007 style 
How to display bitmaps and animations 
How to use the control as a powerful text, picture or animation control 
How to apply a texture to the button surface 
How to use pictures and sounds downloaded from the Internet 
How to create AMZ compressed files for use over the Internet 
How to use Hyperlinks 
How to play sounds with the button 
How to change the cursor 
How to add text to the button 
How to know if a button has the input focus 
How to manage cells 
How to manage alpha channel transparency 
BackColor property 
BackColorContainer property 
BackColorDisabled property 
BackColorFocus property 
BackColorInterior property 
BackColorMouseOver property 
BackColorPressed property 
Orientation property 
ButtonRaiseFactor property 
Caption property 
CaptionWordWrapPerc property 
Clickable property 
CornerFactor property 
Cursor property 
Enabled property 
FlatPillowFactor property 
FocusMode property 
ForeColor property 
ForeColorDisabled property 
ForeColorMouseOver property 
ForeColorPressed property 
HighlightColor property 
Hyperlink property 
LightDirection property 
MovePictureOnPress property 
Orientation property 
Picture property 
PictureCustom property 
PictureDisabled property 
PictureKeepRatio property 
PictureMouseOver property 
PicturePosition property 
PicturePressed property 
PictureReflectivityEnabled property 
PictureReflectivityPerc property 
PictureReflectHeightPerc property 
PictureTranspColor property 
PictureTranspFactor property 
PictureTranspMode property 
PictureVisible property 
PictureXOffset property 
PictureYOffset property 
RectHardEdges property 
ShadowColor property 
ShadowMode property 
Shape property 
ShapeHeadFactor property 
ShapeLineFactor property 
Slant property 
SmoothEdges property 
SoundDown property 
SoundMouseOut property 
SoundMouseOver property 
SoundUp property 
SpecialEffect property 
SpecialEffectFactor property 
SpotlightColor property 
SpotlightOffsetX property 
SpotlightOffsetY property 
SpotlightResizeHeight property 
SpotlightResizeWidth property 
SpotlightType property 
SpotlightVisible property 
Surface property 
SurfaceTransparentFactor property 
SurfaceTransparentZone property 
SwapEffectsColors property 
TextCaptionAlignment property 
Texture property 
TextureColorMix property 
TextureColorMixPerc property 
TextureLightIntensity property 
TextureMode property 
UseAntialiasing property 
Value property 
Office 2003 related properties 
Office2003BorderWidth property 
Office2003ColorBorder property 
Office2003ColorBorderMouseOver property 
Office2003ColorBorderPressed property 
Office2003ColorNorth property 
Office2003ColorNorthMouseOver property 
Office2003ColorNorthPressed property 
Office2003ColorSouth property 
Office2003ColorSouthMouseOver property 
Office2003ColorSouthPressed property 
Office 2007 related properties 
Office2007ColorInnerBorder property 
Office2007ColorInnerBorderMouseOver property 
Office2007ColorInnerBorderPressed property 
Office2007ColorNorthBottom property 
Office2007ColorNorthBottomMouseOver property 
Office2007ColorNorthBottomPressed property 
Office2007ColorNorthTop property 
Office2007ColorNorthTopMouseOver property 
Office2007ColorNorthTopPressed property 
Office2007ColorOuterBorder property 
Office2007ColorOuterBorderMouseOver property 
Office2007ColorOuterBorderPressed property 
Office2007ColorSouthBottom property 
Office2007ColorSouthBottomMouseOver property 
Office2007ColorSouthBottomPressed property 
Office2007ColorSouthTop property 
Office2007ColorSouthTopMouseOver property 
Office2007ColorSouthTopPressed property 
Office2007InnerBorderWidth property 
Office2007OuterBorderWidth property 
Vista's Aero related properties 
VistaColorBackgroundChecked property 
VistaColorBackgroundCheckedMouseOver property 
VistaColorGlossyEffectLower property 
VistaColorGlossyEffectUpper property 
VistaColorGlossyEmphLower property 
VistaColorGlossyEmphLowerPressed property 
VistaColorGlossyEmphUpper property 
VistaColorGlossyEmphUpperPressed property 
VistaColorGlow property 
VistaColorGlowBack property 
VistaColorGlowBottom property 
VistaColorGlowChecked property 
VistaColorGlowCheckedMouseOver property 
VistaColorInnerBorder property 
VistaColorInnerBorderPressed property 
VistaColorMiddleBorder property 
VistaColorOuterBorder property 
VistaGlossyShape property 
VistaLook property 
VistaGlossySmoothFactor property 
VistaInnerBorderWidth property 
VistaMiddleBorderWidth property 
VistaOpacityGlossyEffectLower property 
VistaOpacityGlossyEffectUpper property 
VistaOpacityGlossyEmphLower property 
VistaOpacityGlossyEmphLowerPressed property 
VistaOpacityGlossyEmphUpper property 
VistaOpacityGlossyEmphUpperPressed property 
VistaOuterBorderWidth property 
Container Level functions 
abmContainerColorSetting function 
abmContainerFontSetting function 
abmContainerSetting function 
abmContainerSubclass function 
abmContainerTextSetting function 
abmContainerUnsubclass function 
Button Level functions 
abmButtonRender function 
abmButtonSubclass function 
abmButtonSubclassEx function 
abmEnableSound function 
abmExportBtnImage function 
abmGetControlBitmap function 
abmGetFontText function 
abmGetSurfaceColorDesc function 
abmGetTextOnPos function 
abmGetTextSettingOnPos function 
abmLoadTemplate function 
abmRefreshTransparentControl function 
abmSetAnimFromMemory function 
abmSetAnimFromNet function 
abmSetCursorFromHandle function 
abmSetFontText function 
abmSetPictureFromHandle function 
abmSetPictureFromMemory function 
abmSetPictureFromNet function 
abmSetSoundFromMemory function 
abmSetSoundFromNet function 
abmSetSoundSync function 
abmSetSurfaceColorDesc function 
abmSetTextOnPos function 
abmSetTextSettingOnPos function 
abmSetTextVisible function 
abmSetTooltipTexts function 
abmSetTotalTransparentFactor function 
Generic functions 
abmAboutBox function 
abmClearButtonCache function 
abmEnableButtonCache function 
abmGetButtonCacheSize function 
abmGetEdition function 
abmGetVersion function 
abmUseUnicodeStrings function 
Cells management 
abmCellsAddCellEx function 
abmCellsDeleteCell function 
abmCellsFindCell function 
abmCellsGetCellPosEx function 
abmCellsGetCellSizeEx function 
abmCellsGetCellUniqueID function 
abmCellsGetCount function 
abmCellsGetLogFont function 
abmCellsSetCellPosEx function 
abmCellsSetCellSizeEx function 
abmCellsSetLogFont function 
abmCellsSetPictureFromHandle function 
BackColor property (Cells) 
BackTranspFactor property (Cells) 
BorderColor property (Cells) 
BorderWidth property (Cells) 
PictureDisabled property (Cells) 
PictureHorzAlign property (Cells) 
PictureNormal property (Cells) 
PictureTranspFactor property (Cells) 
PictureVertAlign property (Cells) 
ScaleUnit property (Cells) 
Text property (Cells) 
TextHorzAlign property (Cells) 
TextSetting property (Cells) 
TextVertAlign property (Cells) 
Visible property (Cells) 
Data structures 
TEXT_DESC structure 
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