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3D Active Button Magic
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Source Code License

If you are a registered user of 3D Active Button Magic and if its current functionality is not enough for your needs, you can customize it. MultiMedia Soft has decided to sell its Source Code License.

The Source Code, written using Visual C++ version 2008 and MFC, can be purchased with two different price categories:

  • 2500 US$ This price applies if you sign a non-disclosure agreement in which you guarantee not to use the source code or any part of it to develop a control or program that will be in competition with 3D Active Button Magic.
  • 20000 US$ This price applies if you don't accept to sign the agreement.

If you are interested in purchasing the Source Code, please contact us in order to receive all the details.

Why should I buy the Source Code license?

  • A source code license protects your Business. If for any reason MultiMedia Soft should go out of business, your work will not suffer any problem.
  • A source code license enables you to extend the product. We always try to put all the functionalities we believe are of interest for end-users, but we cannot cover all of your desires. Buying the Source Code license enables you to customize the control for your needs.
  • A source code license enables you to be up-to-date. For one year you will receive all the information about bugs found in the original Source Code.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are going to change source code and build new binaries, you must change GUIDs and name of the control. This is necessary to avoid versioning problems.

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