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3D Active Button Magic

   Patches and Upgrades

Current version is (August 10, 2015)

Fixed builds can be downloaded using the same link, username and password received after purchasing the product: if you should have lost them or if they shouldn't work anymore, please, contact our Technical support.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation of updated versions, don't forget to close all of the running applications and to UNINSTALL the existing version: missing this step could prevent the new version to run correctly on your development PC.

Fixed Bugs

  • The button cannot be clicked when the Style property is set to STYLE_PROGRESS_BAR also if the Clickable property is set to "True "
  • Friendly strings related to the STYLE_PROGRESS_BAR and STYLE_SPLIT_BUTTON of the Style property are not displayed inside the properties toolbar of Visual Basic 6.
  • If the caption text is right or left aligned, changing the X and/or Y offset causes a distortion of the caption text itself.
  • In Excel, tooltips are no more shown after the container worksheet has lost and gained back the input focus.
  • In Delphi, when the Style property is set to STYLE_PROGRESS_BAR and the Clickable property is set to "True", a click with the mouse will cause the button to stay pressed.
  • Setting the BackColor property to RGB values 0 or 1 will cause the button to appear in blue instead of black.
  • In Excel, opening a context menu that covers a button cause the button to appear black after the context menu is hidden.
  • In Delphi, 3D buttons are not displayed as expected inside groupboxes.
  • GIF animations are not displayed at the correct frame rate.
  • In Excel 2007, at design-time buttons are not visible although still functional.
  • The granularity of the progress bar is not good when the range is higher than 100.
  • In Excel, setting a tootip text while the button is still not created will causes the tooltip to be empty until the button is not clicked.
  • In Excel, if you make a copy of a worksheet containing one or more 3d buttons, a crash could happen.
  • In Excel, enabling drawing on metafile for buttons rendering at design time could cause memory leaks.
  • Changing the transparent factor of the button surface through the SurfaceTransparentFactor property or through the SetTotaleTransparentFactor method doesn't cause an immediate refresh of the button.
  • The halo effect of text is not well centered under the text itself.
  • The enumerated type SURFACE_GEL_SHAPED is missing.
  • If the button cache is disabled through the EnableButtonCache method after some 3D control has already been rendered, when these 3D controls will be rendered again, for example after closing an reopening the container form, a GPF could be generated.
  • The rotation of a cell's text could cause other texts being rotated in error.
  • When the surface property is set to Aero and the orientation property is set to a value different from Orientations.All, some of the button's corners could result black.
  • The character '&' is not managed correctly on caption's text when the text is set to "Double space".
  • The MouseOut event is not fired when the Style of the button is set to STYLE_FRAME, STYLE_PICTURE or STYLE_LABEL.
  • When the ToolTipEnable property is set to True at design-time and the ToolTipText contains a valid string of text, the tooltip will be displayed correctly when the mouse hovers the button but a GPF will be raised when the mouse exits the button area.
  • A GPF may occur when the Picture property is modified very frequently (with an interval shorter than 500 ms) using animations.
  • When the Style property is set to STYLE_CHECKBOX or STYLE_RADIOBUTTON and the Surface property is set to SURFACE_VISTA_AERO, SURFACE_OFFICE_2003 or SURFACE_OFFICE_2007 the "checked" status is not rendered correctly.
  • When the Style property is set to STYLE_FRAME, STYLE_PICTURE or STYLE_LABEL, the MouseMove event reports a wrong value inside the Button parameter; furthermore, the dragging of controls with these styles set is limited to the control's area.
  • When the Style property is set to STYLE_FRAME, changing the SpecialEffectFactor property will have no effect until another property is not changed.
  • A regression inserted in release 9,4,0,3 causes the control having the Style property set to STYLE_FRAME to not render its interior part as a flat surface.
  • When the control is edited inside the VC++ environment, a GPF may be raised after changing the control's properties sheet from "General" tab to "Control" tab and viceversa.
  • A GPF may be generated when using cells inside the button.
  • The SettemplateBinDir method applies the change only to the button from which the method itself is invoked instead of applying the change for all of the instanced buttons.
  • When the Surface property is set to SURFACE_OFFICE_2003 or SURFACE_OFFICE_2007 and the SurfaceTransparentFactor property is set to a value different from 0, an eventual shadow is lost at runtime.
  • Loading a JPG or PNG picture from an Internet URL through the SetPictureFromNet method doesn't work.
  • When a button is modified by loading a new template (also through the visual editor) the original value of the Style property is lost and reset to STYLE_PUSHBUTTON.


Full product history available inside the online documentation.


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