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3D Active Button Magic

   Patches and Upgrades

Current version is
Fixed builds can be obtained contacting our Technical support.

New features

  • No need to redistribute the MFC runtime DLLs with the product.
  • Improved the button rendering speed.

Fixed Bugs

  • The WM_SIZE message is sometime not managed correctly.

  • The control wasn't compatible with Delphi 7

  • If the button is a checkbox or a radio button the pressed state bitmap is not displayed correctly.

  • If a bitmap for the normal state has not been defined, putting a bitmap for the pressed state will have no effect.

  • An animation associated  to the pressed state of the button will not start correctly when the button is pressed

  • The MouseOut event is not fired in a timely manner.

  • Setting a color for the pressed state caption text will work only when the button is pressed by the mouse action: although this is a correct behaviour for normal Push buttons, it's not correct for Check boxes and Radio buttons.

  • In Visual Basic, setting a system color instead of a RGB color, will result in a black color.

  • Under MS Access, if you move a form with our controls outside of the screen area and then move it again inside the screen area, the controls will not repaint correctly.

  • The mouse movement outside the surface of a button playing an animation will cause the animation to be restarted from the beginning.


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